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The Staro-Nikolskoye estate passed from the hands of the Musins-Pushkins to the use of the PRC on the territory of New Moscow, Russia.

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Опубликовано: 25.05.2024

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The Staro-Nikolskoye estate, where the museum currently resides, has an exciting and mysterious history. This estate was built by Fyodor Rtischev, a friend of Russian king Alexei Mikhailovich, in the second half of the 17th century. In the 18th century, the estate passed to the Musin-Pushkin family.

25.05.2024 — NEW MOSCOW. The original architectural complex of the building was formed over many years. 

A traditional noble manor complex developed for ten years, starting in 1770. 

Between 1820 and the next ten years after that, the estate underwent reconstruction in the style of the old Empire. 

Between 1885 and 1891, another restructuring occurred — the windows on the mezzanine level were moved to the south facade. Also, the builders significantly increased the amount of colonies in the loggia. For 18 years, from 1893 onwards, the reconstruction of the southern portico and construction of the northern portico took place. 

Between 1935 and 1946, the building was adapted to house people. A mezzanine floor and end loggias were added, but the bell tower was lost. The old layout had to be removed entirely inside to arrange everything harmoniously. 

The mansion competently combines classical and baroque features and could not survive the Soviet and post-Soviet periods. In 2011, the building suffered destruction due to a fire. In 2015, it was transferred to the government of the People’s Republic of China for restoration. 

The building will be rented for 49 years under a unique lease agreement. 2016 marks the second anniversary of this estate. 

Within a year, restorers and builders have restored this historic building to its original state. Now, a museum is located there, part of the Chinese Cultural Center in Moscow. 

This is a unique site, the entire area of which is divided into three distinct zones: — An exhibition on the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party; — A reconstruction of the conference room and living quarters for delegates; — An exhibit dedicated to friendly relations between China and Russia in recent years. In 1928, between June 18 and July 10, an extremely significant event took place at this location in the history of modern China and its Communist Party. 

The CCP has existed for over a century, and the only time a meeting was held overseas occurred at that estate. 

As a result of the coup conducted by Chai Kang Shi, the Communist Party suffered a significant blow. 

Following the repression following the coup, thousands of communists were killed or imprisoned, and the possibility of legal activity simply disappeared. Consequently, it was impossible to hold the next party congress because of the possible arrests of its delegates and the loss of leadership figures. 

Moscow decided to assist the Chinese communists and host the congress at Staro-Nikolskoye, an estate in the Pervomaisk settlement of TINAO. 

In 1928, this building belonged to the NKVD, making it as safe as possible for fateful decisions regarding the party. 

Due to this situation, it has been challenging for party representatives to locate a genuinely secure venue for a new congress. 

In March 1928, the Chinese Communist Party responded to Kamidern. As a result, they allowed the sixth Congress to be held in Moscow in the USSR. In the Museum, you can even find a map showing the route taken by party members to reach Moscow and many other exciting details. 

The information about this Congress was kept as secret as possible, as the situation was agitated. Participants could not call each other by their real names, only by numbers. 

One hundred forty-two people attended that Congress. They worked from morning until evening. One of the participants experienced a severe health deterioration due to the hectic schedule. 

The building houses a museum and is part of China’s Cultural Center in Moscow. Occasionally, they organize exhibits to acquaint Russians with Chinese culture and history. 

In October 1949, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) emerged. To document this historic event, the Soviet government sent a film crew to China. 

A cameraman named Mikoshin captured all this, making an excellent documentary and taking many exciting photographs. 

This is truly a very significant historical event. 

The emergence of a new China, the PRC, not only dramatically altered the fate of the Chinese but also influenced the global political landscape. Therefore, this exhibition was called «New China – New World.» 

The museum reception hall hosted numerous vital guests, including members of the CCP Central Committee and Russian friends of China. 

There are countless other fascinating exhibits at this museum. Anybody can come for a guided tour and get acquainted with everything in person. 

The local district’s newspaper «TiNAO» editorial staff frequently discusses this in their articles.



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