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New Moscow is the official media of the Russian capital and has the number certificate.

PI number TU 50 — 02 272.

The printed newspaper has been published since 2015.
The newspaper covers news from new territories of Moscow (New Moscow), throughout Russia, and world news.
«New Moscow» is a monthly newspaper of the Russian Federation.

The founder and chief editor of «New Moscow» is Vitaly Ataev Troshin, a resident of New Moscow.

The exact name of the media is «New Moscow 24«.

108829, Russia, Moscow, district Klenovskoe, kvl #432, property 16A, building #1

Another city newspaper «TiNAO» is under the management of our newsroom.

TiNAO means the official name of the new territories of the city of Moscow (Troitsky Administrative District and Administrative District of Novomoskovskiy)

Source of funding — local chief editor, funds collected from advertising publications.
The estimated area of application depends on the popularity at the stage of development in all administrative districts of Moscow.

The idea of creating media «New Moscow» originated in 2012, but the emergence of network publications and plans to release a physical newspaper appeared in early 2015.