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«New Moscow» book

«New Moscow» by 2016

Greetings from the author Vitaly Ataev Troshin

It could be called the first collection of information about how the territory has become a part of the capital of a country.

The history covers hundreds of years and how it existed and developed.

We have gathered information about how Moscow expanded 2,4 times and firmly made its way up to the very edge of the Kaluga Region.

We will try to figure out what was promised by Russia’s government when the unique suburban Moscow nature was transformed into an extension of the capital’s grounds. This book is a chance to ponder and dream about our future in New Moscow.

The book is published with support from media «New Moscow» (moscown.com)

I remember a quiet, cool morning in the forest of New Moscow. The summer of 2014 was a hot one, but before 11 a.m., being outside was bearable. I was sitting in a rocking chair on a wooden deck, sipping hot coffee spiced up with a fragrant stick of cinnamon, which I had brought from a faraway country in North America that spreads across a large area of the Caribbean. I was employed by Transaero, Russia’s first commercial airline back then. My work was entirely connected with travel, and my endless journeys around the globe were exhausting. The only time I felt genuinely relaxed was when I was back at my summerhouse because it was there that my days were filled with rest and inspiration.

That morning, I was thumbing through a stack of letters addressed to various government authorities and petitioning to solve multiple issues concerning our private plot of land in New Moscow. The responses were pretty useless and uninformative. I remember wracking my brain to find a way to get through to the authorities and lawfully demand Moscow-level living conditions for the entire region of New Moscow.

While reading the letters and the texts, I reached out to pick up my cup of coffee with its Mexican aroma. Engrossed in an article about the prospective developments of New Moscow, I made an awkward movement, spilling my drink all over my documents and my white bathrobe. I’m such a klutz: all that endless correspondence with the authorities soaked in homemade latte. When I came to my senses, I first got upset, but then caught myself thinking that all of this babble on paper won’t contact us anywhere. I had the idea to unite our people, the locals, to stand for our rights. The wet pieces of paper went straight into the trash, and my mind was already filled with ideas of creatively bringing people together and learning more about the whole of New Moscow.

I thought of creating a media source when I explored ways of spreading information about New Moscow. The following year, I studied the problems citizens of New Moscow faced and brought my airline career to a close. Only in the fall of 2015 did I approach the government authorities to register my information resource about New Moscow. I compiled a database of the primary issues, locals were concerned about. Before I came to the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media, I determined that the name of the information resource should correspond to our entire territory.

I found the “New Moscow” print newspaper, which has become a local social platform. Soon after a video channel on a popular website was launched, social media pages for all the names of the parts of New Moscow were created, and all original domain names were purchased. Sometime later, I started publishing a district newspaper titled “TiNAO.”

Today, the head office of our newspapers and resources is in the center of one of New Moscow’s most beautiful forests. We are always open to cooperation.

The book was released in 2016.

The author is Vitaly Ataev Troshin (If you want to order the book, please get in touch with the author).