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Conversations between doctors and patients have begun to be recorded in all Moscow budget polyclinics; however, video recordings are still questionable

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Опубликовано: 25.05.2024

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It was decided to prohibit doctors of the capital’s polyclinics from saying «Hello,” “Sit down,»  «What do you have?» and several other similar phrases.  To exercise control, it was decided to install audio recording devices in the offices where receptions are held.

25.05.2024 — NEW MOSCOW. At the end of last year, 2023, the Metropolitan Department of Health issued Order No. 1241, which was supposed to improve the quality of medical appointments. 

It was decided to install audio recording devices in all offices, except dental ones, to track how specialists talk to patients throughout the day. Additionally, the rules of treatment were prescribed. Doctors should speak politely, listen to everything the patient says, and clarify the details. 

It has not yet been announced whether video recordings will be made during the reception. Additionally, phrases and topics that should not be raised during a conversation with a patient were identified. Discussing colleagues, using complex medical terms, or making jokes is forbidden. It is also forbidden to say «young man,»  «girl/woman,»  or «is your problem?» «enough,»  «stop,» and «clear.». 

The same applies to the words «no, you can’t,»  «impossible,»  «your problem,» and «it won’t work.» Allowed replicas also appeared in the reception algorithm. You can no longer immediately say, «What do you have?». Instead, saying «good afternoon” is necessary, addressing the person exclusively with «you.». 

It is also essential to clarify the diagnosis and explain what it means. As soon as the treatment is prescribed, the patient should be kindly told to say goodbye if he has no questions left. The document reflects that the words «do not get sick,»  «for now,»  «get well,» or «go already» are not suitable in this case. 

The recorded receptions will be listened to by representatives of the Moscow Department of Health to evaluate them according to more than two dozen specific criteria. Note that all audio recordings will be depersonalized, so it will not be possible to identify a particular doctor or patient. 

Department representatives said that the heads of Moscow Polyclinics proposed introducing audio monitoring. 

On this basis, new programs will be developed to improve staff skills. A survey was conducted in Russia, and about sixty percent of doctors said that when this law was introduced, they would prefer to quit and choose another direction. Due to the resonance that occurred at the end of January this year, clarifications were added to the bill. 

All records will be kept separate from the patient’s medical records. 

That is, there will be no binding dates or other data that can lead to the patient. In addition, audio monitoring will be carried out selectively. Only eleven percent of the respondents approved of the new law. 

Eighty-three turned out to be against it. Several institutions have already been tested as part of this project. Within the framework of the law, specialists must conduct an appointment using a specific algorithm: Establish contact and identify the person. 

Collect information and conduct an inspection. To make a diagnosis and conclude the state of health. 

Prescribe medications and give all necessary recommendations. Complete the appointment and summarize your resume. The Department of Health is confident that such recommendations will significantly improve the quality of appointments. 

However, many doctors disagree with this policy. Because of this, they begin to feel like robots and cannot work productively enough. It takes too long to follow the protocol. Many experts perceive these innovations as a continuation of their surveillance. 

Surveillance cameras have been installed in the corridors of most hospitals for quite some time. 

Because of this, specialists often receive reprimands for the lack of a badge or mask. 

Patients now also feel like they are being interrogated. 

Most of them don’t know about wiretapping. Doctors should not report this, but the information should be in the general lobby, next to the entrance. 

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to notice the signs.



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